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Beginn: 2022-06-03 20:00:00
Rosenkeller e.V. Jena & Monkey Mosh Events pres.: The Sleeper Support: Tide Has Turned Pathwalker 03.06.22 20 Uhr VVK 7€ zzgl. Geb. AK 10€ +++ THE SLEEPER +++ THE SLEEPERs band history started back in 2010 as drummer Richard Petzl and former Narziss singer Steven Jost founded the band in Leipzig, Germany. In the first months, the band concentrated on their fascination for melodic Metalcore. As they had to change their line up in 2012 for the first time at the bass and the guitars, the musical orientation changed and the five peace band took off to explore new horizons in Progressive Metal. In the end of the same year, the band finished the work on their first full-length album. Together with producer Simon Hawemann (Nightmarer, War From A Harlots Mouth), the band entered the studio. During the same time, THE SLEEPER signed a deal with Swell Creek Records, which released the debut album "Aurora“ in 2013. Afterwards, the Germans focused on being present on stage, thus they played several shows and achieved reputation as an excellent live band. In the past years, THE SLEEPER shared the stage with bands like In Hearts Wake, Vitja, Deadlock, War From A Harlots Mouth and Final Prayer. One of the band history highlights was definitely the show at the well-known Euroblast Festival in 2017 in Cologne, where they played next to scene giants like Textures and Devin Townsend. It seems that during all the live activities, the band could have missed to write new songs after the release of their debut. But you could not be more wrong. THE SLEEPER have not rested and have now recorded six new songs which will be available on their upcoming "Appartus“-EP. Mixed and mastered by John Browne (Monuments, FluxConduct, Fellsilent), the band once more offers a white-knuckle mixture of modern Progressive Metal which bonds every listeners attention to its fantastically melodic arrangements and its brute elemental force. Sophisicated songwriting combined with the most important thing that music can transport: emotion! This is something you can find in every note and every word from THE SLEEPER. Thematically, the songs deal with the feeling of being powerless in counterpart to the human mortality, the even further developing technology and simultaneously the wish to carry the ambition of eternal youth and health into reality. Content like emotional coldness as well as the loss of any empathy are also part of the six songs. "Apparatus" is released via ASTAT Entertainment on January 26th, 2018. +++ TIDE HAS TURNED +++ Over the past five years TIDE HAS TURNED have released their "Seaside" EP followed by two singles. During that time they played numerous shows all over Germany. The band has experienced several line-up changes and with the new bassist and drummer joining, TIDE HAS TURNED can now finally profit from the new creativity and drive brought to the table by all four members. Now they are back with a new record, the "Void" EP. With the EP they set a vibrant record, driven by the devastating issues of modern mankind. Void fulfils our hearts and minds in an era of ignorance and selfishness. On the bases of these problems, the band tries to state their position facing the challenges of our society. TIDE HAS TURNED evolved an instrumental concept of technical complexity as well as an ambient sound. The low harsh vocals combined with hard-hitting breakdowns accompany the message. +++ PATHWALKER +++ Pathwalker aus Jena in Thüringen...noch nie gehört? Das wundert nicht weiter, denn die sechs Jungs rund um die beiden Sänger Pascal und Raphael sind die Senkrechtstarter der lokalen Metalszene in Thüringen. Nach nicht einmal einem Jahr seit Bandgründung haben Pathwalker gerade ihre erste Platte veröffentlicht und legen eine rasante Bandgeschichte aufs Parkett als ob sie nie etwas anderes gemacht hätten. Dabei legen die Jungs die Messlatte für melodischen Metalcore ganz hoch und überzeugen live mit unglaublich viel Sympathie, Spaß und qualitativ hochwertiger Musik. Ein Reinhören lohnt definitiv!
Schlüsselworte/Tags: jena Metal Rosenkeller schwarzesjena Techno Metalcore Progressive Pathwalker Support: Tide Has Turned



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