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OSAKA RISING + Support: LAD PETE - 2 Männer, ein Schlagzeug, eine Hammondorgel - unbändige Kraft!

Beginn: 2022-11-19 20:00:00
Osaka Rising - 2 Männer, ein Schlagzeug, eine Hammondorgel - unbändige Kraft!
Nachdem die Jungs erst im Mai die Thüringenhalle mit InExtremo zum Beben brachten, geben sie nun ein lautstarkes und kraftvolles Stelldichein im heimischen Museumskeller!
Sei dabei, wenn sie die Bühne zerlegen!
LAD PETE started in 2020 as a side project of mates Veri Jumala and Marky Hillton. Inspired mainly by Artists like Oasis, Tom Petty and the Beatles the first DIY produced full album including 13 tracks was finished in July 2021. Recording everything on simple cassette tapes could be understood as the main key to LAD PETEs philosophy: Use what you have in the moment and try to make something good off it.
Although there might be consensus and demand about it - most local and bigger acts today seem to prefer of doing stuff in a too much polished and unnatural way while still considering it as Rock n Roll.
But in the tradition to the well known acts from 50s till 90s LAD PETE don’t miss out anything to achieve that special kind of passion for melody and quality by doin it in their own way.
Ort: Museumskeller, Juri-Gagarin-Ring 140A, Erfurt
Schlüsselworte/Tags: Rock Erfurt 90er 50er HsD



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