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KAMCHATKA support: Stusupport: Stunchile --- Ersatztermin für das verschobene Konzert vom 25.04.20 - Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit.

Beginn: 2020-12-09 20:00:00
Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit.
Hoodoo Lightning Tour 2020
Kamchatka – Hoodoo Lightning Tour 2020
Hoodoo Lightning, the 7th full length album by long running Swedish three-piece Kamchatka is due for release Nov 29 2019. 10 brand spanking new slabs of relentless blues infused riffage, soulful hooks and wild playing. Mixed and mastered by Black Lounge Studios head honcho Jonas Kjellgren in Sweden.
After an unforeseen break during 2017 due to various injuries and surgeries Kamchatka came back last year to play live again. What was supposed to be a few low key gigs to get back together and write some new music quickly turned into 50 shows, headline tours, support slots and festival appearances. The band also recorded and released a well received 7-inch on the German boutique vinyl label H42 Records with 2 new exclusive tracks.
Thomas Juneor Andersson:
-I think all of us were a little bit surprised about the interest from European promotors after our break and not having any new released material under our belts, but it also made us more confident in recording a new album. Some of the shows we played in ’18 were the best ones we’ve ever done in the 15 year history of the band so I was definitely looking forward to write new songs.
One step back but two steps forward might be an appropriate way of describing Hoodoo Lightning as all the signature ingredients we’ve come to know are there. The guitar wizardry and heartfelt vocals from Thomas Juneor Andersson as well as the rock solid swinging rhythm section of Tobias Strandvik & Per Wiberg are present as always and guides the listener through all the rock and roll twists and turns imaginable.
Thomas Juneor Andersson - Vocals, Guitars & percussion
Tobias Strandvik - Drums & Percussion
Per Wiberg - Vocals, Bass & Keys
Ort: Museumskeller, Juri-Gagarin-Ring 140A, Erfurt
Schlüsselworte/Tags: Rock Erfurt Konzert LIVE Blues HsD



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